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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
I guess I just want them to have a fair chance, it seems the way things are here now, especially with Rambo and Munchie being in the news recently, people will just be turned away from them and then they end up being pts.
I perfectly understand where you're coming from, Chris21711. But I think their chances would be better if there was full disclosure. I'd hate to see them adopted into a home where they are much loved and cherished just to have what happened to Rambo and Munchie happen to them as well :sad:.

What a rescue can do to elevate their chances at adoption is to be honest and educate the families who are interested yet hesitant (as long as they don't live in an area with SBL). It's not just PBs... German Shepherds, Rotties, Dobermans, etc all have certain reps as well that make it harder for them to get adopted . There are right homes, it's just finding them that makes the hardest obstacles imo.
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