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Originally Posted by MOOSEDRY View Post
oh, growler. i'm so sorry to hear about your baby. i am glad to hear she is doing better tho. is "raw" a brand name? where would i buy it? i am in nova scotia, so i don't know if we carry all the brands named, but i'd like to try for the one that is going to be best.

tracy : )
Hee hee, "raw" is actually just referring to uncooked meat. It's not as simple as throwing down a raw chicken breast, but basically it's attempting to recreate what a cat would naturally eat in the wild (where there are no hibachis or microwaves). You can prepare a 'raw diet' yourself after doing some research (here are 2 good sites: or else you can buy pre-packaged raw sold in some pet food stores (although not all of these are properly balanced so you still have to do your research). It truly is the ideal way to feed cats, but not all cats are aware of this (after eating cooked & over-processed foods their whole lives, it can take some convincing that raw meat is actually food). Anyway, something to think about.
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