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Originally Posted by GSDog View Post
how about mineral oil?
GSDog Mineral oil is a bad idea please read the link posted above in this thread

Originally Posted by MOOSEDRY View Post
that whole "menu foods scandal" scared me to death!!! makes you wonder what's safe to buy. i can't imagine what those poor people went thru finding out they had unknowlingly poisoned their own pets - i know i'd be sick over it. blessings and prayers to them to heal.
Unfortunately it was not just the Menu Foods that was affected by that recall, the other company that was affected is Royal Canin including the prescription "Sensitive" formula which my girl was eating @ the time & has been diagnosed with kidney disease due to the food :sad:.

After that I did my research into the Holistic foods I mentioned above and she did good on the Wellness but has since been switched to Raw which she is doing great on.
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