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food - yay!!!!!!

oh my gosh. i have learned SO MUCH about feeding thru this thread. i can't thank you all enough. i feel like i did an okay job up until now (my eleven-year-olds are quite spry with a healthy coat, good teeth and bright eyes), but dealing with a serious illness is a whole different ball game. the subsequent diet becomes puzzling, especially in a multiple cat situation - hooray for your advice.

i'm so happy to know that i can safely feed the other two whatever i give to patsy to address her pancreatitis. so good to know what to shop for. that whole "menu foods scandal" scared me to death!!! makes you wonder what's safe to buy. i can't imagine what those poor people went thru finding out they had unknowlingly poisoned their own pets - i know i'd be sick over it. blessings and prayers to them to heal.

i'm thrilled to report that my patsy girl seems to be rallying at a slow but consistent rate - i continue to see improvement poor baby lost 4 pounds over this, so i expect this will be a gradual climb back to health. she's very sooky these days towards me - wants to be by my side all the time - so sweet!!!

thanks to all for making me feel so welcome and supported. it was really appreciated.

tracy &
"the girls",
as hubby and i refer to them
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