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forgot to mention

Oh, and by the way...of all the dogs I've owned, the ones that have been the easiest to live with and with the least (none really) issues, has been the terriers! Seems funny, as people have this idea that they are all a hand full. Maybe just a fluke, maybe just experience on my part..thanks to all the dogs before them, I don't know. I certainly have seen my share of terriers that are more than a hand full. I love these dogs, what can I say? Kerry blues were bred as an all purpose farm dog...pest exterminator, guardian and they are very versatile.....and become your shadow although I wouldn't call them a one person dog as I would a dobie or bouvier...she loves everyone equally....a lot more dog than one would expect..very solid...reminds me of a small bouvier but with more substance...bouvier crossed with a bear cub. We have a loud and rambuctious family so maybe that is why the terriers fair so well...!!
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