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Originally Posted by MOOSEDRY View Post
thanks again for all the suggestions about food for my patsy girl. would that food also be appropriate for my other two (patsy's eleven year old sister, cline, and punkin, four). i just find it very hard to feed them different kinds of food. feeding all three the same is a heck of a lot easier.
Yup, you can feed them all the same food. If pancreatitis really is the issue with Patsy, you might want to be careful with the high fat varieties like Wellness and Nature's Variety. Unfortunately the trade off to get lower fat tends to be higher carb, which isn't ideal either. I've heard that Merricks is a good option for pancreatitis kitties.

You could certainly try the other brands (in small amounts at first) and just keep a close eye on her for signs of discomfort. Or maybe mix them half and half with something like Pro Plan Salmon & Rice, Chicken & Rice in Gravy, or Turkey & Giblets (all very low in fat - just not the highest quality ingredients). Hopefully this was a one-time incident and Patsy's pancreas won't give you any more trouble.
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