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Like LR said forget about that food too expensive for a bag of filler. I will let you in on a food that I have recently switched Buddy to. I was feeding him Diamond Large Breed it is only one of 2 Diamond foods (the natural one is also good) that I would use the others are not as good quality they have corn in them. The food is approx. $60-65 for a 50 pound bag. But I belong to a group of Mastiff owners and a lot of them are in the U.S. and food is substantially less expensive there, literally half the price on high quality stuff. Somebody had reccommended Kirkland Series from Costco very good food made by guess who Diamond almost exactly the same as the large breed and a 40 pound bag is 22.00. I saved enough money on 2 bags to pay for the membership and a cab home. Buddy is doing great on it and it comes in chicken and rice and lamb and rice the Lamb formula is a $1.00 or 2 more but still a great deal. I wa feeding Buddy prior to Diamond, Solid Gold at 55 for a 30 pound bag I would have to buy almost 3 a month. So now we spend more on toys and treats
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