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Originally Posted by MOOSEDRY View Post
thanks for the post. you helped me months ago when patsy was having the asthma problem too (poor thing has had a rough year - she always gets sick when my reg vet goes on vacation!).
Aww, poor Patsy. How is her asthma doing?

Originally Posted by MOOSEDRY View Post
in answer to your question, i feed my cats: breakfast = canned, lunch = dry, supper = canned (small portions, of course). i like to see them eat a little dry to keep their teeth healthy.
Good to see some canned in the mix. You might be surprised to hear that dry food actually does nothing for a cat's teeth, and may in fact harm them. Because they're designed for tearing meat, not grinding dry nuggets of cereal, the kibble basically just shatters when bitten (and is often just swallowed whole). Then these sugary bits get trapped between teeth or under the gum-line and allow bacteria to flourish, resulting in tooth decay and gingivitis. If dry food was so great for teeth, then why are tooth extractions and dental cleanings so common when most cats are fed dry to begin with?

The best thing for a cat's dental health is to either feed raw meat chunks (with bone is even better - chicken necks are great for this) or learn to brush their teeth ("ha ha" you say! - well I hear ya. There's a great instructional video here on how to do it with the least stress).

Anyway, you have some darn cute kitties there. May they all have long and happy lives, without anymore poop problems!!!
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