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Unless you plan on asking for a free pup - there shouldn't be any question that you have that would offend an ETHICAL breeder.

First off - you need to do your breed homework. Look for the national breed club and find out absolutely everything you can about genetic issues that are common in the breed. Make sure that you find a breeder that knows every one of those issues and is breeding to eliminate them from their bloodlines. Make sure you ask for references - preferably puppy buyers.


If you find a breeder online, make sure they are someplace that you are willing to travel to. Remember, there is absolutely no quarantee that anything put on a website is true and people selling mass quantities of puppies over the internet are experts at making you think they are what they say they are.

If possible, attend a local show. Look for a dog you like the look of and talk to the exhibitor.

Don't expect to find the right breeder next week. Take your time. Do it right.

Happy Hunting!
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