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Advice on picking a breeder - (Min Pin specifically)

Hi, we have a gorgeous min pin that we absolutely love, and are planning getting another. I ran into someone who has two dogs from the same breeder we got ours from - but hers are apparently huge. One of hers is from the same litter as ours! I love the temperment and look of our dog, but am afraid of getting this huge dog gene in a dog that should be 10lbs. So, now I'm researching other breeders, but don't have the rapport with their dogs, and know there are risks involved with all blood lines.

Any suggestions on researching breeders? What questions should I be asking without offending the breeder.

Can you tell if a dog is going to be huge by 8 weeks? I have a cat that is already bothered enough by a dog smaller than it - but it can handle itself - I'd rather have two small tyrants than one big one!

Thanks for your advice,

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