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hi there.

thanks for the post. you helped me months ago when patsy was having the asthma problem too (poor thing has had a rough year - she always gets sick when my reg vet goes on vacation!). this forum is lucky to have such dedicated members as you guys. anyway, in answer to your question, i feed my cats: breakfast = canned, lunch = dry, supper = canned (small portions, of course). i like to see them eat a little dry to keep their teeth healthy.

patsy and cline (don't laugh - i didn't name them, hubby did) are my eleven year old "twins" ("tuxedo" sisters from the same litter who look alike), and punkin is my four year old baby (who we really should have named "monster" - she's so naughty - LOL!). hopefully, this post will let me add photos in this order: patsy, cline, punkin.

thanks all, from this cat house to yours. will let you know more tomorrow after i see the doc.
tracy : )
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