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still no poo : (

hi all.

still no bm from patsy, although she was in the litter box thru the nite crying and scratching, so she obviously wants to go. she is still eating little bits at a time every few hours of canned food. regarding the anal glands, i was wondering because, years ago, patsy had an abscess in one of them.

also, i forgot to mention that patsy is normally a very "pukey" cat when it comes to hairballs, and i realized that i haven't seen anything on my floors since last week (this whole drama began last sunday nite). since they didn't see any foreign objects in the xray, perhaps it is hair that has her backed up.

again, i'll be so relieved when my regular vet is back tomorrow. i'll be taking patsy in for first thing in the am. i'm going to ask about an enema, because patsy hasn't pooed since at least thursday. it's possible it's even earlier in the week, as i was working thursday nite so i had to get my friend to pick her up and bring her home. although she put her into a room alone with one of my litter boxes, she didn't check to see if the box was empty, so i have no way of knowing if the poo in the box was hers or one of my other two cats. like one of you said, i'm sure she'll prefer the enema to having no bm. she's already put up with so much, i'm sure an enema will seem like a cake walk.

poor patsy! she's had one heck of a year. she had seasonal asthma last year in june, and my vet was away. the doc i saw gave her the short acting shot instead of the long one, and long story short, she suffered needlessly for about a week and a half as i ran around trying to find solutions (even ordered a mask online thinking she needed a puffer). she's not chronically asthmatic, just seasonally asthmatic.

so, pats was just in the litter box a minute ago, crying, and still no poo. the poor baby. she must be miserable. the only encouragement i have right now is that she otherwise seems pretty good - no vomiting, no lethargy, still eating (a little), drinking, peeing, etc. those are good signs, right you guys?

my other two are wondering what the heck is going on. i have them locked away together in a room to give patsy a break from quarantine. this is going to be the longest 24 hours of my life!

thanks for all the support. it means a lot.
tracy : )
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