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cat not pooping

hi all.

looking for advice for my eleven year old cat, patsy. her appetitie had been decreasing gradually over the last week (started last sunday nite suppertime). when she stopped eating for a full 24 hours, i took her to the vet. they did full blood work (came back fine, plus no diabetes). they took an xray, which showed nothing except a pinched area in her large bowel. yesterday afternoon they made her drink barium, and took xrays every so often to clock its progress. as of this morning, the barium stool is completely in her large bowel, and there are no signs of foreign objects - even the pinched area opened up. she has been prescribed metoclopromide - 5mg, 1/4 pill, 3 times a day. now we just need her to poo! she is peeing, and is not dehydrated. i have her quarantined from my other two cats so i can check her litter. the vet said she needs to poo in the next 48 hours (by monday morning), or we'll have to try something else. i'm also giving her tonic lax to try to help move things along. i'm at work all day today into this evening, but i came home on a break to let her out of the room for a bit (don't want depression setting in, as she may stop eating completely again). the other two have been locked away so i can still check the litter situation. anyway, when i brought her home last nite and left her in the room for a few hours, there were white spots under where she was laying (so, some of the barium must have come thru as i was told it would be white). she is eating a few mouthfuls at a time (yay), and is otherwise alert and happy.

just wondering if anyone has any other advice as to what we can do to get things moving... is there such a thing as an enema for a cat?

tracy : )
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