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My cocker is just over a year old. We've been fighting an infection in his left ear for what seems like the entire year. Every time we get it cleared up with antibiotics and a steroid, it comes back.

Finally the vet suggested it might be due to a food allergy. We switched him off Purina onto a vegetarian food, and I clear his ears religiously usiing a brew of alcohol, iodine, boric acid, and vinegar.

The yeast odor and goo seems to have mostly gone away, but today he was shivering again, probably due to pain -- so it's back to the vet tomorrow.

His left ear canal is barely visible if at all, and only reappears after a few days on a steroid.

I am pretty sure this is a food allergy, as he started scratching his ear and rear over the past few days. My vet sasid "ears and rears" are the telltale sign of a food allergy.

My questions are:
* What foods are safest for a dog with a potential food allergy?
* What probiotics are recommended here (would appreciate specific recommendations)?

I really do not want to get his ear canal removed if I don't have to, but the vet is already floating that idea.

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