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Melaine, I do completely understand where you are coming from. No offence ever taken.
Yes, unfortunately there are people that surf this site and read other people's replies and feel that it also applies to them. Those same people don't often realise that a particular reply is ment for the person asking the question only.

However, there are many books out there that they can also obtain the same info. I.E:.......Home remedies for dogs and cats, (published by prevention magazine), Your guide to your dogs symptoms etc.........

I absolutely agree that giving too much peroxide can be dangerous, (a third dose sould never be given, unless advised by a vet)
A lack of judgement on my part for posting it and not adding the small details like 3% solution and one teaspoon per 10lbs of body weight?........Sure
I still like to think that people would call their vet 1st, but I know there are some out there that have animals that have never seen a vet and never will . Those are the dangerous ones

Good call Melaine, everyone needs their "reins" pulled sometimes

Just for anyone surfing.............Syrup of Ipecac is safe in humans but toxic in animals
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