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About 10 days ago at the shelter, a fella surrendered an purebred Dobie 2 months old, he had bought it for his girlfriend for Valentines, she didn't want it and the STORE would not take it back.

Our four rescues: Cocoa was seven months when we got her, excuse, too hyper, duh she was a pup.
Rebel - pees everywhere, duh he's a Bassett, hard to housetrain.
Skippy - no time-four kids involved in everything, I guess they didn't have time.
Iggy - came to us as a 3 week old foster - from a seizue.
Why people don't think of the long term commitment is beyond me. I wish that my guys would never have to go.
I so hope Sydney and Symba find a loving home soon, they look like they have so much to give.
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