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Please read

There are some genuine excuses for giving up an animal but the majority that I hear are just baloney. I don't even care anymore to hear the excuse why they are giving up their dog. What I do care about is getting that poor animal away from a home where he is obviously not wanted and into a home where he will be cherished.
Last week we got a dog from the sister of a lady who had died suddenly. The sister was devastated and dealing with the death and could not handle the dog.
Tonight I spoke to someone who bought a puppy from an online web site. The puppy is 3 months old. The so called breeder delivered two puppies to this family and gave them a choice of pups. The chose one and now a month later their landlord won't let them keep the puppy. Oh ya, and her son is allergic, she thinks. The son wanted a golden puppy for two years. They have friends who have two goldens and he was fine with them but is allergic to a pup.
This lady has just taught her son a very valuable lesson. :sad:
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