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Homeopathy for keratitis pannus - Answered by Dr. Guindon

Is there an homeopathic remedy available that would help in the treatment of keratitis (pannus)? My dog suffers from dry eye, which was a consequence of a cataract operation, which he had about 9 years ago. His right eye's tear ducts were affected & he has been on optimmune medication ever since, because his eyes don't seem to produce tears very well (his right eye in particular). For a few years, there's been sort of like a film forming, over his right eye mostly & his left eye only slightly. Recently this condition seems to have worsened. He is presently being treated with prednisone drops, as well as optimmune & over-the-counter tear gel, although so far no improvement is noticeable. I would just like to know if there are any natural remedies that could be helpful.
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