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ssac, thats ok, i didnt mean to offend or anything , and i do know you work in vets but there are some pretty stupid ppl in the world and giving hydrogen peroxide is pretty delicate i would imagine, it would just take one small mistake like an overdose for a person to kill a dog with such a chemical or at least cause some real pain.

many of us are not trained vets and i truly believe any chemical use should be left to vets and their nurses or assistants/techs whatever you call them like you, i do not doubt you are well trained in this field and know that you do these treatments and things often.but again it would definatly not a home remedy i would reccomend, it is not safe enough.

it is really important to remember we cannot control who reads our posts and we cannot further explain them after the fact. and there are some really think ppl out there .

personally i stick to a rule of thumb for home treatments, and that is if you cannot take it yourself, or pour it in your own eye or give it to your children i dont reccomend using it on dogs.
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