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Originally Posted by melanie
i would not advocate any one but a TRAINED professional give hydrogen peroxide to their dogs, this could be potentially lethal and should never be attempted at home. if your that worried go to a vet.
Fair enough..........however.......................
Working at a vet emergency clinic for many years, we would often advise owners to give hydrogen peroxide (no more than 10mls) to induce vomiting (depending on what's been ingested). Then the owner was advised to come in ASAP for follow up treatments depending on the ingestion..................chocolate, warfin, some FB's etc.

If the owners didn't feel comfortable doing this themselves, we'd give hydrogen peroxide at the clinic. If the peroxide didn't work (it doesn't work in all dogs). We'd put an "apo-morphine" disc in the eye, (under the lid). This would most definately start them vomiting. Then there was the wonder job of going through the vomit looking for the "evidence". It's common practice in most clinics and like I said, it depends on the ingestion.
Something like bleach, you don't induce, your vet calls poison control
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