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He is gone now.

Just wanted to thank evryone for these posts. It helped with Hunter when the time came last week to put him down ( I am anskygyrl's mom) Last Tuesday, he began vomiting blood and you could see was in pain. We had a 10 year old golden, Lucy, who also went through liver cancer 3 years ago. She did not have the nosebleeds, but had fluid around her heart. Our little 2 year old golden, Laci, is missing Hunter and keeps looking for him everywhere. I am afraid that maybe it was the Nutro diet that brought this on? Lucy and Hunter were not related, yet suffered almost identical disease. I want to do all I can to be sure that this does not happen to her.
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Hi everyone,

I've been reading all of the posts and my 9 yr old golden Hunter is going through the same thing, he has been getting nose bleeds for the past week now and last night was a really bad one. He was already diagnosed with stomach and liver cancer and I'm guessing it's now in his nose. he also lost his vision the other day and started walking into walls. I am having an extremly hard time deciding what to do. He lays around all day and only gets up to eat, everyone I've talked to said I would know when its time but I don't. I feel like he still has life in him and he is still wagging his tail when you call him and ask him if he wants a treat. but at the same time I don't want to be in pain. is there anyone who went through is also that could give me some advise?

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