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Yes, like sugarcatmom said, I've read that the FIP test may read positive but it might only mean they are carrying the coronavirus and many (something like 30% of household cats? correct me if I'm wrong) healthy cats carry the virus without ever becoming sick.

zsvoboda - When did you find out your cat had worms? I had a fecal test done on my cat which apparently ruled out all parasities (except tapeworms, she said), so does that mean my cat most likely does not have ascarides (I'm not sure what that is - a type of worm?) Does anybody know?

My cat quit eating the litter because I changed it to the Feline Pine, but we still have this little cement brick that he likes to lick and we gave it back to him (after throwing it out previously) because he likes it so much. I think it makes him feel better.

zsvoboda PLEASE keep me updated. This morning I am thinking my cat may be a little worse. He's walking worse and I noticed when he was sitting at his water bowl he was rocking back and forth. I'm scared that he will need to be euthanised if he gets any worse.
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