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Originally Posted by stumpy1985 View Post
my dog has red eyes also. she has never been on a chain in her life they dont seem to bother her, my other puppy is starting to get red eyes too. could it be their breed...... i have pit bulls
We've found that dust in the environment can cause bloodshot eyes, as can allergies. A couple of the dogs we adopted had red droopy eyes when they first came, but after a few weeks here, the eyes cleared up. The difference was that there was more dust and dirt for them to get into in their old yard, and it had been irritating their eyes.

If it is just an irritation, you might want to try irrigating their eyes with sterile saline, which you can buy at a drugstore or a place like WalMart. (Make sure not to get the solution with added cleansing/sterilizing agents for contacts--you just want sterile saline with nothing added.) It might take a while for them to get used to having their eyes done. Ours hated it at first But if we used an eye-dropper and kept it hidden until just before we put in the drops, we were able to sneak up on them.
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