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Are you saying you're looking to replace your dog before she even dies? :sad: Or am I reading this improperly?

As far as bully breeds and dog doesn't tolerate cats well. She grew up with cats, and she was very good with them and other people's cats, but when they died about 5 years ago (they were 18 years old) my dog didn't tolerate cats ever again. She's offensive with cats.

On the other side, my dog doesn't tolerate other dogs very well either. She was well socialised as a pup, and played with a lot of dogs. When she was about 1 1/2 - 2 years old she snapped at a young dog that she often played with. Ever since that day she'll snap at another dog that comes in her space. She'll kind of play with other dogs under close supervision, but only if the other dog doesn't pay a lot of attention to her. More like she'll run around happily alongside another dog, but will snap if the dog jumps around her or tries to sniff her butt. She doesn't go for the kill, but she clearly tells them to leave her alone. She's defensive with dogs.

Bully breeds aren't for everyone. They often have dominant personalities, which many people have a hard time dealing with just because they miss the signs of the subtle dominant behavior, and only notice once it's become really obvious. Don't confuse dominance with aggression though.
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