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Bully breeds and Cats..

My dog is 15 years old.. I adopted her at 8 years old and the last couple months she hasnt been doing to well.. Last month (January) she was diagnosed with a slight heart murmur. We brang her back to the vet on thursday(Feb.14th) as she didnt want to go outside or eat or take treats(which she loves) the vet says it has moved to the other side and now has a double heart murmur and its moving rapidly.. the vet is unsure on how long she has left.

Well we are doing research on breeds that are good with cats.. As I do cat rescue and am always having cats and kittens coming in and out. I do have 6 cats of my own now. My dog LOVES cats to death.. She helps care for the kittens we get in that dont have mothers. My family want a bully breed and know how loving they can be but are unsure if they will be ok with cats. I know they get a bad rep and it depends on individual animals. But any help with bully moms or dads will be appriciated. I want to do as much research as possible before making the leap..
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