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Originally Posted by growler View Post
I was also wondering about nerve damage. A neurological exam by a specialist will define which part of the nerve system has been affected.
Originally Posted by Remy21 View Post
Could it just simply be "nerve damage?" How do you treat something like that? Or does it just get better?
Nerve damage will most likely not get better on it's own, it would need to be treated by a neurological specialist - which they do have for cats & dogs.

Originally Posted by Remy21 View Post
I was just rubbing my cat's back and legs, and I noticed that when I squeeze his back right at the base of his tail, his feet and toes "jump." Also I was feeling the muscle right behind his legs, and there is a certain spot on both sides that makes his tail twitch. He's not doing it voluntarily. When I squeeze these areas his feet/toes/tail consistently twitch and jerk. I'm not sure if it's a nerve thing. Does anyone think this is worth telling the vet?
Since you don't know what you are dealing with everything is worth telling the vet, even better to bring him in & show them, they would better be able to tell from seeing his reactions.

I think you should get the FIP test done to determine if that is what this is or rule it out. A diagnoses sooner is better than later since you would have more time to treat. If the FIP test comes back negative then I would recommend seeing a neurologist.
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