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Amos badly needs a home


I have been doing independent rescue for a few years now. Sadly a year and a half ago my husband was in a bad car accident near the farm we had bought so I could keep all my animals. He is now severely brain damaged and will never come home. I also conceived our son 10 days before the accident so I now have an 11 month old. I have tried valiantly in the past year and a half to do the best by my animals (some of you may remember my plea for help for my dog Ava-thanks LuckyPenny). I have come to the conclusion though that my cats would be better off in loving homes for many reasons. There is one litter in which I have now placed almost all the cats. I rescued a Mom and four kittens when they were three weeks old from a farmer who was going to drown them. Only Amos is left now and he is a heart breaker. He is about 3 years old and an all grey short-haired neutered male who is more dog-like than any cat I have ever met. He is wonderfully affectionate. He wants to be near you but is not demanding in that when he is on your lap, he does not ever bite or use his claws. He is constantly underfoot and meowing but that is because he does not get enough attention from me as I juggle everything. This is why he absolutely needs a new home. It can be with another cat or two but he really needs a lot of human interaction. He is also fine with dogs. He has had all of his shots (except for rabies as he is indoor only) and is mostly healthy except for an occasional touch of a cold. His sister had the same thing and is now a clinic cat at a vet's office in Ontario and the vet who took her gave the cat an antibiotic shot and she is fine. As a preventative, I spoke with the vet, and she recommended that I have Amos given the same shot before he would go to a new home. If anyone can help, please contact me as soon as possible at . I really want the best for my animals and sadly I am not that anymore.

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