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For anyone who has been following me and my cat, what about an injury to the tail??????

I read online that symptoms can include lameness in the legs, urinary/fecal incontinence (he has fecal incontinence - he has been going on the floor, usually he falls down and then goes on the floor), and a drooping tail. I put him on the floor to watch his tail and he does keep it down towards the floor when he walks, but when he stretched, he lifted his tail up high.

On Superbowl Sunday, two Sundays ago, my cat fell off the table in the kitchen and landed on the floor, not on his feet. I just assumed this was the beginning of his weakness, because we actually noticed there was a real "problem" the following Thursday. Maybe when he fell he injured his tail????

It wouldn't explain his elevated glob at 5.6 (2.8-5.3 normal) and slightly elevated TP at 8.9 (5.7-8.9 normal), but they are only slight elevations. Maybe they don't mean anything at all?

I am starting to feel optimistic. Maybe I'm just in denial, but it's possible, right?? I should have the doctor look at his x-rays again. Or maybe if the injury is minor you wouldn't be able to see it on x-rays, but it could still affect the way he walks.
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