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She's okay!!

Thanks for all the responses. Well, she seemed totally fine all night and so we fed her a little extra to help it out and first thing this morning she passed it. Yep, we had bright yellow poop this morning. It's really sad when you can get that excited about your dogs poop but I was just so happy that she was okay. She's eaten other things but I was worried that the sponge could really hurt her, I guess it wasn't big enough.

Bugsy - vaseline, no way!! That is totally crazy! I didn't have any at home but I'll pick some up for the next time I'm not fast enough.

Glasslass - that was funny! A toonie was the only way I could think of to describe the size but I guess I should have been more clear for our American friends!

SSAC - thanks, I wasn't sure how to know when it was something really serious and she didn't have any of those symptons but it's good to know how to handle it in the future by knowing how to help her throw it up.
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