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Originally Posted by Remy21 View Post
Is it safe to give my cat Methyl B12 even though the vet said he's not diabetic? Should I have the glucose test re-done? His glucose was 92 when they tested it the first time.
Methyl B12 is very safe and any excess just gets peed out, but it probably won't have any effect in your case. By the time a diabetic cat shows signs of neuropathy, you'll also be seeing other signs of diabetes like excessive drinking and peeing, ravenous appetite, weight loss. Since his glucose tested normal and (I'm assuming) there aren't any other signs, I really doubt you're dealing with neuropathy. Is it possible he got into some kind of toxin? Maybe there's a nerve problem that wouldn't show up on x-rays? I have no idea how you'd find out. The only other suggestion I have is to try accupuncture or talk to a veterinary chiropractor about what's going on.
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