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I was really, really convinced before I went back in yesterday that he was either anemic and/or he had a calcium deficiency. His blood work was all normal. The globulin was slightly elevated but she didn't seem worried about it.

They have absolutely no idea what's wrong with my cat. They've done x-rays, glucose test, complete blood workup, and a fecal exam.

Either he's worse this morning or he's having more trouble because he just woke up, but he can barely walk. He falls down every few seconds and has a hard time getting up.

For the last 2 days he's also been deficating while he's lying on his side after he falls down. I'm not sure if this means anything but he's done this a couple times. He's no longer doing it in his litter box. He just randonly does it while he's lying on the floor after he falls down.

I have no idea what to do.

Is it safe to give my cat Methyl B12 even though the vet said he's not diabetic? Should I have the glucose test re-done? His glucose was 92 when they tested it the first time.

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