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Wheaten Terrier

I'm trying to do some research on soft coated wheaten terriers, and am having a very hard time finding places to discuss wheatens with their actual owners!! What better place than here?

I am looking at getting (hopefully rescue) a wheaten. But I wanted to make sure this breed was right for me before jumping into it. I won't be ready for one 'til this summer, anyway.

I've heard a few things about their personality, but it's hard to judge what they're truly like from websites trying to describe a breed. When it says they have a "slight problem with jumping," what exactly do they mean?

Are they rough with people and other animals? For example, I'll have a young maltese who is expected to weigh no more than ~7 lbs when fully grown, and I want to make sure the wheaten will not be too rough with him. My main reason for getting a 2nd dog is because I want them to have each other when I am gone. (I'm working on a major.)

I want a good companion for Stanley (my maltese), want a dog that will not shed (at least not very much), and will be great indoors. If anyone has a suggestion for another breed that would go great with Stanley, let me know! I want to have a medium sized dog, but that make not work out with stanley being so small.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.
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