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Hmm, thanks for the info. I'll be sure to ask the vet about that. I left a message for the vet to call me today. They open at 8. I wish they would call me right away!

Briana, my cat sounds exactly like yours. He's having trouble pulling his hind legs up into a stance position and he'll only walk a little distance before sitting down to rest. He's also having trouble staying upright while walking; he's tipping over. Also a hard time getting into his cat box. Basically when he walks he looks like he's drunk, very wobbly (I don't think he has gotten into anything that could have poisoned him though, except for maybe eating the litter, if that is poisonous).

I don't think I mentioned this before but he's still urinating in his cat box, but he won't deficate in it. He's doing that on the floor next to the cat box. I think it's because his legs are weak and he's having trouble squatting so he does it on the floor where it's easier for him. When he urinates he squats a different way so he's still able to do that in the cat box.

I switched his litter to Feline Pine. He was hesitant to go in there and seemed scared of the pine pellets, so I put a layer of Cat's Pride (the kind without sodium bentonite) over the Feline Pine, and he urinated in the box, so when he covered it up he mixed the two litters together. Maybe in a couple days I can empty it out and fill it completely with Feline Pine (supposed to be 100% pine, natural, safe).

I feel so bad for him and I don't know what to do!

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