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I am new here and I'm hoping all of you may be able to answer my question. We recently added Murphy to our family. He is an 11 1/2 week old Border Collie that we got when he was 7 1/2 weeks old. He is a wonderful puppy and extremely smart but my problem is this - i have never had to housebreak a puppy. All the dogs I've had in my life have been rescues so this is new to me. I know the basics - he is crate trained and I take him outside after everything (eating, drinking, playing, sleeping) and have him "GO POTTY". He does this very well however he still has accidents in the house in specific spots. He starts puppy training on Saturday but I'm wondering if there isn't someting else I should be doing to do help him out. I know it takes time and patience, I just want to make sure I'm even on the right track.

I live in a house with a full size back yard and I have 2 young children. Sorry, this is so winded just trying to make sure I am making sense. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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