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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
We were told by the vet to put him on a low protien diet, so we purchased low protien dog food from the vet.

Your case may be different, but maybe a change of diet will add some years to your kitty's life.
As Sugarcatmom says low protein is totally innapropriate for cats, and studies in the last 10 years also find low protein for dogs is a myth & is unneccessary. Duffy was eating the recalled Royal Canin vet prescription food and that is the reason she got CRF & I would never feed a vet rx food again.

Originally Posted by ReneeCK View Post
All I want to do is ask 1 question. Can cats or dogs eat raw or cooked potatoes? I was told once it can cause kidney failure? Is that true?? Thank You:sad:
From what I've read potatoes won't directly cause it, many of the kidney diets (both prescription, home cooked & raw diets) have potato in them. Green potatoes however should be avoided, they may cause violent gastro-intestinal upset in cats & dogs too. The issue with potato is the potassium level it is abit too high, therefore to remove some of the potassium from the potato soak peeled potatoes in a large container in water for several hours, then cook them in fresh water. They can be fed raw (never green) potatoes as well - I would soak them too, & because of the high potassium - feed in moderation.

You can use the potassium level in your cat or dogs' blood test to determine if potatoes should be avoided or fed less frequently. In dogs with kidney failure some have high levels of potassium in their blood & should limit foods such as potatoes, banana, pumpkin. However some dogs will have low blood potassium & will need either a supplement or slighly higher levels of potassium rich foods.

Grapes & raisins fed in large quantities have been linked to kidney damage in dogs
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