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Byrd - Great closeup of the tongue on the eye - so precious. Also love the shots with the husky
hazelrunpack - Great cuddling/kissing/loving - pics, so cute!
meg4050 - I just LOVE shots of doogs and kitties resting together. really cute pic!
krdahmer - LOVE the tail on your eyes shot - LOL!
Frenchy - Very dramatic grooming shots...VERY cute!...and I always like to see the mixed lot of doogers you have!
Jessi76 - awwwww - love the luvey dovey - just beautiful
sarah - nice shots of the cuddling cats and the snuggly cat n' doog shot!
luckypenny - Cuddling with a stuffie definitely counts!
amatzes - So cute - i really like the shot of the dooger giving you a lick!
Rottielover - Good play shot with kitty and harley looks so handsome in shot 1
wdawson - fantastic angle in shot 1 . Love it! Shots 2 and three also rock. well done!...and OMG love magiie's little tongue lick in the second set.
Ford Girl - Love the human cuddle shot and the dooger on stuffie - great close-up.
Tommysmom - GREAT tongue action in shot 1 - very nice shots
cpietra16 - BUNNIES....we rarely see bunnies - really cute shot #1 and the pics of dooger with the cat is super cute!
Jiorji - cross species cuddling big time! - really cute pics jiorji
chico2 - love all the pretty pussy-cats especially shot 3
growler - that shot of Duffy and Nisku is so precious - what a size difference! Such a nice selection of shots.
Phoozles - shot one looks like the kitties are passionately kissing. Too funny!
Mika140 - Love the beautiful closeup with the stuffy - very well done!
Bailysmudge - that IS love - nice capture!

GREAT job everyone!!!!!

Shots of Ziglet - hopefully tomorrow....
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