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Thanks everyone for the support

Krdahmer I pm'd you the info

So I'm pretty sure it was a combination of the CRF (the CRF cats' body tries to conserve as much water as possible & does pull moisture out of the stool & back into the body) and the perhaps tiny bit too high bone content in the chicken & esp the pysillium husk & bone in the duck she had yesterday. The other meat varieties she eats don't have bone content, so I have picked up some chicken & organ no bone to mix in with the bone-in chicken, thereby lowering the bone content of her meals. I think we'll be skipping duck for a while until she is properly regulated.

The other thing the owner of In The Raw (my raw food store) suggested was to add some water to her raw meals to make them a stew-ish (not soupy) consistancy. She has been drinking after eating which is great but this will add a little extra water to her food.

Plus add in approx 1/4 tsp of pureed Butternut Squash from either Heinz Organics babyfood or Earth Organics babyfood. Butternut squash works just as well as sweet potato & pumpkin but apparently tastes better I don't think I'll be doing a taste test . Well Duffy actually likes the butternut squash - she happily licked it off my finger & wait for more The butternut squash will regulate the moisture in the bowels, if there is not enough it will replace it but if there is too much it will firm it up a bit. Magic vegetable

We'll see how her litterbox deposits are over the next few days
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