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Haven't updated in awhile, Duffy's doing great with the exception of a bit if dry stool I'm thinking she maybe getting a little too much bone in the meals, so I'll get some meat only & mix that in. Plus she was eating Duck today & this has psyillum husk in it so that most likely contributed to tonights scare.

Tonight she was constipated :sad: very scary for a while there, she vomited twice before & after she was straining so I know that the reason for the vomiting is because she was constipated & not any other reason. It is common for the CRF cat who is constipated to vomit before & after trying to go. I had called the ER vet to let them know the situation & had called someone for a ride ( no DL ) while waiting for the ride, Duffy had her long awaited poop *phewf* what a relief that was especially since there was no blood & it wasn't runny or very stinky. So I called the ER vet back again updated them & asked whether I should still bring her in, the girl was great - ask how she was looking - since I, not her, could see her & how she was acting & said I could either bring her in or just keep an eye on her for the next couple of hours & call them back if need be. I felt she was fine @ that point especially since she hoovered up some food, just after that my ride arrived Duffy was bright & alert, active & inquisitive so I told them no need to take her in, especially since I have Thursday off I can watch her all day - lucky timing I usually have Wed off.

A half hour or so later Duffy pooped again a proper though abit dry poop this time. No attempting since so I'm sure she's cleaned out.

Definately going to get some boneless meat tomorrow to mix into the bone-in. With any animal getting the right combination of meat, bone & organ is key, all animals are different & you must adjust based on their individual systems.

Other than that she's great........blood & urine retests are going to be done in early March & I am just dying to know how her results stack up against the last ones.
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