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Hi LR and Carina

Thx for Honey's compliment (blushing for her)
Yup I really wanted to keep her myself and still do but can't get another dog and she wants to have a playmate to run with and wear her out HAHAHH!

Tail = swinging threat of doom! You could play jump rope with it or Limbo!

You guys are great both your dogs look so well loved and it's no doubt with angels like you as their family.

Here is my Rusty that passed away in March
at 16yrs (was super duper dog to me, loves him)

I know I posted pics of him before but I can do it again
na na na boo boo and nobody can stop me


Hey LR your doggie has heartworms OMG
how long and whats the treatment like now?
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Cats only have nine lives because they stole them from dogs!Teehee
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