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Oh my, that is one adorable photo! She looks totally resigned to being a cat toy, too cute.

The Rottie fundraisers are in a number of locations in the US every year, called Rottstocks. They raise money through raffles, donations, Tshirts, & events for regional rescue groups. The one this summer was the first one I'd gone too, it was great fun. I went with a Great Dane friend (and her dog) and a Rottweiler friend and HER mother who had the snappy standard poodle.

I read somewhere that pitbulls in England used to be called "nanny dogs" because of their sweetness and tolerance of children. I used to live in Denver, where fighting is big money and common. Last year here in Flint MI (I live close) the FBI actually got involved and busted some very bad people who were involved in big-money pit fighting. Not to mention drugs, guns and random acts of violence....

Hey Luba your rescue to be is just gorgeous! What a muscular dog; and that tail looks like it could be dangerous.
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