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Funny how even dog or cat food has become a fashion state...if you go back some years there wasnt all this food on the market and the dogs/cats were healthier...i use to have about 25yrs ago 2 dobermans and i use to feed them dry dog food from the Co-op...and my dogs were as strong as horses and very healthy...they werent fat or anything either..i even gave them raw bones with the bone marrow in it...(not the joints sections no good) and they had beautiful shinny fur and strong you have a lot of junk on the mom use to have a newfoundlander and it was huge...ate dry dog food and leftover pasta...the fur on this dog, women would kill to silky and natural shine like her dog you know, its up the the owner to be smart and want to spoil your dog by all means its your right but your dog or cat will be just as happy without all the fancy stuff out there...all they want is a good master that give thems hugs once a while
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