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Luba and Carina

Honey is truly gorgeous! Hard to believe that someone could dump her, and I'm not surprised dozens of people want her.

Yeah, as Carina says, Honey should be fine with the other dog, as long as she stays fairly mellow. Pointers and other hunting dogs generally get along, since getting in fights while pointing or hunting would not be desirable!

The Rottie Fundraiser sounds like it was a lot of fun. Too bad no pics! I'd love to see so many Rotties in one place, and it probably helped educate people who have a bad opinion of the breed. Pit bulls too (long before Petey of the Little Rascals fame) were historically known to be great with kids, until the punks, druggies and wannabes discovered them.

A pit bull rescue in Toronto has an annual event too, although of course the dogs are kept strictly on leash at all times!

My Chloe sounds like your Dutch - I believe the heartworms also make her tire rather more easily than is typical for this high-drive and energetic breed.
Here's another pic of her, with a foster kitten who sorely tested her love of cats - LOL!
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