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Feline Asthma/Repiratory problems - Answered by Dr. Guindon

I was wondering which herbs you would recommend for an asthmatic cat. She is currently on 5mg prednisone per day and is given Theodur when needed. I am giving her 250 mg vitamin c/day & have just started introducing echinacea & goldenseal. She does not have the typical "wheezing" associated with feline asthma. Nor does she have open-mouthed breathing. However, she has been diagnosed with this condition. Her xrays show that her lungs do have some fluid on them. The only asthmatic syptom she exhibbits is coughing on a regular basis. When she was prescribed amoxicillin in the past, I would see a little improvement, only to see her go back to regular coughing after.
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