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Ford Girl - How I want a pink collar and pink harness for my very girly guy! Hey, "real" men wear pink and he does look stunning in it. Just unfortunate at almost age 4 not one single person has ever referred to him as a "he". A few months ago a man asked me from his truck if my beautiful girl had been spayed (He was squatting at the time) because he had a male Eskimo and thought they would have beautiful puppies together. Wonderful. I finally had to stand my guy up to show the man that he has "equipment". I did hear back from the company and will definitely be getting a few Lobster Hooks and also a Martingale - but pattern choice is sure limited for me since my Eskie has so much fur - many Eskie owners buy very expensive, designer collars only to put them on their pups and then can't see them - so I guess I am looking for colour. ANYTHING BUT RED! on my little Santa Look-A-Like. I know a couple of people that will probably order the Lobster Hooks after they see ours.
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