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Update on results of Biopsy and present condition

Hi All,

I am just posting a duplicate here this here for record purposes, and to let Puppypwr know directly. Thanks for your posts puppypwr, unfortunately our stories seem to be almost identical so far. I just hope mine is a little happier for a little longer.......
Well I finally got the results last week, and it was not what I wanted to hear at all. I really hoped she could be that one in a million that was just a blockage.
Its Cancer "adenosqamous carcinoma" exactly the same as puppypwr had! I was really devasted when I was told by my vet, even though I was preparing myself for it, it was still a shock.
The only option for treatment is radiation and to quote "puppypwr"

"he’s got about three months untreated, and with radiation we would have about 8 months. There would be a great chance with where the tumor is located in the nose that the radiation would cause a type of sunburn on the roof of his mouth, and he could then not want to eat from the pain, and end up with a feeding tube during this.
If that wasn’t bad enough we would have to travel over 200 miles each way to get to the radiation."

I got the same story as she did. Its like I read this story by her and ended up living it.
Anyway the "good news" if you can call it that, is that she is not bleeding for now, nor since the rhinoscopy. Only a tiny little bit of blood came out once, when she sneezed, but that was it. and its been almost 2 weeks now.

I am not sure if its the drugs I have her on now or a higher power, but its helping for now. She's on Painkillers 2x per day "tramadol" and "metacam" for the inflamation. both are non steroidal, and the vet says they could be helping.
I am just happy that she is stable for now and pray that she can last more than just a few months. Other than knowing what is looming over her, she is 100% normal, eating, chasing other dogs, barking etc. I actually had to give her a sedative for fear of her getting overly excited and starting the bleeding up again.

Other than that I am just enjoying the time with her for now, and treating every meal as though it was her last. I have taken her off, all artificial treats, and only giving organic and natural treats for fear that other things may inhibit recovery.

And thats about it for now. I will give an update now and them just to let you all know how she's doing, and I would like to thank everyone again for their support.


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