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I just sent an inquiry re the Lobster Claw for holding tags etc. My Eskie has 3harnesses and his Martingale and since we can have only 1 Toronto city licence is it a pain - also with his other ID. I did buy some "s" hooks but sizing wasn't right. Then I found a Plan B, but hooks were too small to go around his harness or his Martingale - Eskies are very cat-like - but they arn't cats wearing cats' collars. When he goes in the car he always has a harness on - and also when he goes to his weekly socialization at day care. When I walk him around house we use the Martingale for some control. I am afraid to leave the Martingale on him at daycare or in car because of his very thick neck fur - you can hardly see it - and when the other dogs are socializing his tail and butt I am afraid an accident could happen. Most of his boy/girlfriends are short-haired so you can easily see the collars. When looking at the site I could not see the met chain portion of the Martingale???? I asked about this as well. Next thing would be the size - was really hoping that the Gallery would show a 22 lb. Eskie. Price wise, even with shipping I paid more for his Canine Equipment Martingale 2 years ago - still standing up well, but nice to have a backup. I am always afraid the chain will snap. This happened twice when we used nylong collars on previous dogs - the links snapped.
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