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Hi dmc123,

Although we aren't into self-promotion we are totally into of course, members can post useful links.


You should know that there is indeed a learning curve with building and maintaining your own website or blog. BY NO MEANS is it rocket science, but there is a curve and you will need a book, course or guide 100%. It would be good to have as a reference... I can't comment on bravenet but it is likely to use a generic interface where you don't need to see any code..Since the code is not that hard, I recommend a basic book - maybe something from the dummies series..

Blogs are a good idea as well and are easier in general than a full on website (some, like Blogger are SUPER SIMPLE)....but not always as suitable for your needs.

I could easily give you some good tips on this if you like....there is just too much to write...feel free to PM me.

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