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Pill pockets

My boyfriend's cat Cleo has to take thyroid pills 2x a day. She doesn't struggle much but the she sure growls a lot and sounds pretty scary when pill time comes. So last night I went looking for something to help, couldn't find one of those syringe type pilling devices but did see these Pill Pocket treats:

I picked up both flavors, Salmon and Chicken, and we tried the Salmon last night - she loves them and eats her pills right up now, no problem, not noticing they are hidden in the treats! Hopefully she won't get bored with the flavors... Anyway, for any of you having trouble pilling your cat, I'd recommend trying these. They are somewhat expensive ($7 a bag at Petsmart) but entirely worth it if your cat seems like it is possessed by a demon while you are sticking your fingers in its mouth trying to get the pill in.
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