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Question My dog just started to pee inside.

If I'm posting this on top of someone else's posting I'm sorry. I couldn't figure out how to create a new thread.

Our 2 year old Daschaund/Jack Russel mix, Marley, has recently begun to pee in the house in one of our bedrooms. He doesn't do it anywhere else in the house, he doesn't poop anywhere in the house, he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't. This just recently started a few months ago after putting down our older dog who is the only other animal he's known. So now we have our cat that he's finally warming up to and my mom's little poodle who he gets along fine with. However, Abbi was a lab/shar pei/pit mix and they just loved each other so much. Marley would play with Abbi, the lab, like he was her size...and she was rough but gentle with him.

He is fully aware that he did something wrong even if you don't yell at him. Just him seeing that you walked by the spot where he did it clues you in.

We've washed all of the bedding and the carpet with a special enzyme cleaner for this purpose....but he did it again this morning. He has a doggie door which he uses all day long without a problem.

I hope I'm not going to regret naming him after the book, "Marley and Me!"
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