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I did try bland food: boiled rice and small pieces of boiled beef. He didn't want it. I tried only a very small amount of peanut butter and a very small piece of cheese just to see if he would at least take it. I wasn't going to give him more than that; I do know it's not bland food. I am still giving him the bland diet today, but he does't want to eat.

This morning, I talked to a vet in another town who is on call this weekend in our region. I explained all of Mickey's symptoms. He told me it could be a number of things but that his situation seems better because he can drink water without vomitting and that I should take him to my regular vet tomorrow even if he starts eating. In his opinion, I can wait till tomorrow. But if things get worse, I can make the 2 hour trip to see the emergency vet. That clinic is open until 8 o'clock tonight.

At least he is drinking and peeing. Tomorrow morning I will call my vet and insist they take time to see Mickey.
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